Our employees are the reason we are a trusted partner with our clients, so it is essential to us that they have opportunities to continue to grow throughout their careers. When you look at the number of project managers, engineers and designers who have been with us for 10, 15 or 20+ years, you’ll see that Harmon is not only a great place to build your career, but it’s also a place where you can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our talented team.


We offer a variety of structured employee development opportunities, including educational assistance, new hire onboarding, safety courses, career paths for multiple disciplines and leadership programs.


Our Project Manager Trainee program is designed to jumpstart your career in project management. We provide a structured approach to learning multiple areas of our business, including preconstruction services, design assist, engineering, project management, fabrication, assemble-glaze and our field operations. Through mentorship, hands-on experience and our online learning courses, you will gain understanding of the foundation of our project management processes and quickly become a contributing member of our project management team.


Our Mock-up Training is designed to emulate significant phases of an actual project in a learning and development atmosphere. Participants are given the opportunity to learn, first-hand, processes for drawing review, material ordering, means and methods, safety and quality planning. At a testing lab, participants are asked to assemble, install and performance test their curtain wall units.