4 manufacturing facilities totaling 450,000 sqft

Produces over 2.5M sqft of exterior curtain wall annually

Manufactures curtain wall for over 75% of all projects that Harmon installs


Our manufacturing facilities are strategically located in Baltimore, Cincinnati, Dallas and Orlando to service the needs of our regional offices by managing quality in a controlled environment and minimizing shipping distances to the projects we supply.

We offer fabrication services at two of our facilities. This includes cutting, machining, drilling and notching stock length aluminum extrusions based on each project’s custom engineered drawings.

All four facilities provide assemble-glaze services, which involves combining fabricated extrusions, glass, gaskets and sealant into curtain wall units that can be hung directly on the building, saving installation time at the job site.

Harmon has focused on its safety, quality, delivery and productivity through Lean and Continuous Improvement initiatives. We have seen significant savings due to the efforts, as well as improved execution leading to fewer schedule surprises and better financial predictability.


Through close collaboration with our engineering, supply and installation partners, we manufacture wall systems that not only meet the structural and aesthetic intent, but are also shop and field friendly from a build and install standpoint.

We leverage the vast collective experience of the broad Harmon team as well as our strategic vendor partnerships and proprietary manufacturing process to ensure that the product we supply is of the highest quality and integrity.